Pililla Water District

In February 1953, the Pililla Water Work System was constructed through the effort of late Mayor Jose Flora with the financial support of the late Provincial Governor Eulogio “Amang” Rodriguez. The Municipal government of Pililla operated and maintained the Water System until May 1986. During the EDSA Revolution, when Mrs. Corazon C. Aquino took over as President of the Republic of the Philippines, the local and Provincial were replaced. The newly organized Sangguniang Bayan of Pililla decided to turn over the management of the Pililla Water System to the Tanay Eastern Rizal Water District.

Another election was held in the year 1989 and Mayor Nicomedes F. Patenia won and was re-elected to be the Mayor of Pililla, Rizal. He initiated the take over of the water system from Tanay Eastern Rizal Water District because he strongly believed that it is his responsibility to take the water system back to Pililla, Rizal.

Until December 1990, an agreement was signed between the Municipality of Pililla and Tanay EWD to settle the case and the de-annexation was granted. A Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 64 series of 1990 was passed creating the Pililla Water District in accordance with P.D.198.

The Local Water Utilities Administration, on the other hand issued on March 4, 1991 a Conditional Certificate of Conformance (CCC) for the Pililla Water District making it a Local Water District, the 487th water district in the country.

Firstly, the PWD as a small water district started with only 500 concessionaires as approved by LWUA.

In view of the earnestness of all the officers and employees of PWD concerned, the water district jumped from small to medium category without passing the average category and this was because of the efficiency of management with support from the BOD that the district became classified under the medium category by the LWUA.

Now, the district, under the Medium category with total active concessionaires as of March 2012 has potable only Poblacion also several outlying Barangays like Barangay Halayhayin, Quisao, Malaya.

The BOD and Management are further eyeing additional expansion program for delivery potable water Sitio Matagbak, Lamuan and Bugarin.

We are projecting that the business of PWD distributing potable water places within the Municipality of Pililla further improved hoping that not-so-distant future, water district could under large category.